Sunday, February 6, 2011

A wave goodbye...for now

After my first half ironman in November of 2009 I came down with
pericarditis. Essentially the lining of my heart gets inflamed and it
makes everything much more laborious. Since then it has come back a
few times an lately it has become more frequent and the attacks more
painful. There is no evidence that says intensive exercise causes the
flare ups, but it cannot be ruled out. So, my doctor and I have
decided to take a year off from triathlon and intensive running.

I have no intentions of completely giving up running, but I don't yet
know how much I will be allowed to do. Luckily I have golf that I can
fall back on as something to fill my time. While I am home I can get
pretty excited about golf. And when I am on the course, all the more.
But right now, I am writing this from a log on the side of the Barton
Creek Greenbelt Trail. Watching the trail runners go by is killing me.
Especially as I stare at my trail shoes not being able to do more than
walk. We shall see how this all goes.

I'll try to post more as I apparently will have more time to write.
So, this is goodbye for now to training. But also a timid hello to
whatever awaits around the corner. Run friendly!

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  1. I am really sorry to hear this, Tanner. I hope you are okay.