Thursday, November 4, 2010

Getting Back on the Horse

First off - I am using the new mobile blogging "app" from blogger, so
I am not sure what this will look like.

It has been nearly three weeks since I ran my half ironman. Panther
told me to take three weeks to just do what i want and to really think
about what I want to do next. With kitchen remodeling in full force it
hasn't been to hard to fill in the time that training used to. But now
it is time to make my decision and get back on the horse.

I have decided that I really do want to do a full ironman and to see
if I could possibly qualify for Kona someday. So at least I have a
direction. But it is amazing to me just how hard it is to get back
into the training regime even with a strong desire to get back at it.
I know I will, but it seems like once you let a few practices go, your
schedule just keeps getting booked with non-workouts. Is this just me?
Or is this pretty common?

Well, hopefully I will see y'all out there soon. Run friendly!

-T (Sent from the phone. Excuse all the typos.)

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