Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year's?

Is it just New Year’s resolutions or what that has people out on the trail? On Saturday I made it around Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail and realized that there are a ton of people out there. At least there were a ton of people on the western end of the trail. (My more common east side was still fairly devoid of traffic.) This brought to mind several questions:

1) Is it really just the New Year’s rush out on the trail?
2) Why is the west side of the trail always so much more crowded than the east?
3) How do I go about maintaining the run friendly style on the super crowded west end?

In reality, I think I know the question to all of the questions above but would like to open them up to more discussion. Obviously question 2 is more of an Austin question, but the other two I feel are open for national, or even international, debate. So let’s hear it.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Greetings to one and all and welcome to the maiden voyage of this blog. Being that this is the first entry I figure it would be best if I just tell you a little about me and why I am even doing this. My name is Tanner and am a 26 year old semi-avid runner. I grew up in the Hill County outside of Austin, and while driving out there, it is customary to wave at the other cars on the road. I would like to see a little more of that attitude in running. I understand and respect that running is a great escape; it allows you the chance to zone out and be completely alone in your thoughts as that is one of the things I enjoy most about it. At the same time, we are all out there doing the same activity, so we have something in common; why not try to make the world a little less big and formidable?

So, when you see me on the trail and I wave at you (more than likely just a lazy peace sign and a nod) do not take it as me hitting on you, but simply that I am saying, “Hi! Glad to see you out here”. We spend too much time focusing on the differences between each other. Burn that extra calorie to flash a peace sign and hey, maybe even flash a smile. :) See you out there!