Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Final Week

That is my new bike. The photo isn't all that great, but she is red and white. I have decided to call her Strawberry Shortcake. Why even try to make her sound masculine?

So this is the final week before my big race. I honestly don't know if I am going to be able to improve any on Cap 10k time, but the training has been fun the past few weeks. Two Saturdays ago, my good running buddy, Dave, and I took off on an 8 mile run off of Lake Austin Blvd. There were a lot of people running along the streets over there and it was a great run, so I can see why. But one thing I did notice was that the vast majority of the runners out there waved! They actually acknowledged other runners. It was such a great thing! So, wherever you are, keep waving and say "Hi!".

That is really all I have for today. Tonight I am meeting Sara to get learned on the ways of riding a bicycle. I'll keep you all posted on how that whole saga unfolds. -T


  1. Princess did great on his Strawberry Shortcake Steed! :)