Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Capital 10K and Bunny Chasing

Greetings one and all! Life has been fairly busy for me lately so I apologize for having not blogged anything in quite some time.

The Capital 10,000 was the last Sunday in March and a race that I had never ran before. It was pretty much as crazy and goofy as I had heard. Most of you will be surprised to learn that I passed up the offer of free Krispy Kreme doughnuts along the route. I had set a goal to beat 45 minutes in this race and am happy to report that I did! I finished at 43:54 which I was pretty impressed with. The entire week prior I had been in San Antonio and had only managed getting on an elliptical twice so I was a little worried I'd be stiff. But the weather was great and the crowds were awesome. Who doesn't love hearing the Rocky theme?

After the Cap 10 I have decided to really focus on the Texas Round Up at the end of April. So last night while I was running past the local ACC campus, I passed two folks chasing their pet rabbit around the parking lot. I am not entirely sure how this bunny came to escape from the truck or any of the back story but decided that asking questions would probably not bring me any answers I wanted to hear. I just new that I did not want to run back by the parking lot and see that the bunny had been hit by a car. So after about 10 minutes of unforeseen sprints, the charcoal grey bunny was captured and back with his owners. Roadkill avoided.

OK, I am writing this from one of the hallways in the Austin Convention Center as I am attending the National Hurricane Conference this week and I think I should probably start getting ready to go to my next session. Have fun and see you next time! -Tanner

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