Friday, May 21, 2010

The Road to Wellville

Well, this week has been a wash out for exercising. With the exception of failing miserably at hula hooping and running down the halls at Rogue trying on some new shoes, I got not exercise in. Today I have the most energy I have had all week, but the throat is still a little raw and it has been joined by some awesome congestion. I am in Fort Worth this weekend to help a friend get his new house ready to move into; I am hoping just getting away for a weekend (allergies and just escaping) will be good for me. We shall see.

The training related things that I can write about are that I met with a nutritionist today and that I bought new running shoes. As many of you know, I am not exactly the healthiest of vegetarians and that I have recently been told that I have high blood pressure. So this was a long time coming. I signed up for a 6 session program with her and am eagerly looking forward to working on it. Today's session was spent focusing on my current habits and what I need to start changing. Primarily I need to stop eating processed foods and start eating more fruits and veggies. Giving up my salty snacks will be hard, but I am pretty sure I can increase the fruits and veggies. I'll keep you all posted. For my drive up here I brought a cooler full of fruit and berries. Not too shabby for road trip food.

As for the shoes-my current Brooks Launch are probably getting to within 50 miles or so of being done. So Rogue had tweeted today that if you buy new shoes and say that you love Rogue, you get a free shirt! Figured that this was pretty good timing. Of course they did not have any size 13 Launch in stock and would not be getting any in until late June. Not so sure that would work, so I tried on a few more. Ended up getting a pair of Brooks Racer ST4s. They are a little closer to flats than my Launch, but not true flats. This should be fun to try out! That's about all I got. Until next time, run friendly!

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  1. Tanner-it is not possible for you to eat more fruits and veggies, I assure you!! Your cooler contains more fruit than I have consumed in 6 years. Kudos to you!! -The Snoring Couchpotato