Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Down and Out

As I was getting ready for bed Sunday night I noticed that my throat was getting a little sore. No worries, I thought...But Monday morning rolled around after some pretty bad sleep and my throat was as raw as could be. Made it to work and was quasi-conscious through the first half of the morning, but by the time staff meeting came about I was starting to fade. Apparently my office was less than stoked with me showing up with whatever it is and sent me home around 11:30.

So, since last night I have been camped out on my couch slowly going insane. Since running and triathlon has essentially become the bulk of my social life, it really is hard just going a few days without doing something. Oh well, I am getting through a bunch of Netflix. Surprisingly, The Proposal is not nearly as bad as you want it to be. Yeah, I just admitted that on here. I really need to get out and go running.

I have realized that I am horrible at putting pictures on my blog, so I am including a lovely picture of my couch. I'll try to be a little more photo friendly going forward. Until next time, couch surf friendly!


  1. "Surprisingly, The Proposal is not nearly as bad as you want it to be." You know that confession's going to be on the Internet forever, right?

    As a non-biker, I'm more intrigued by the bicycles floating from your ceiling than I am by your sofa. Very interesting. As for more photos, how about a picture of the turtle next time?

    And finally...I don't blame your office for sending you home. There. I said it. At least I didn't threaten to spray you with Lysol, like my seventh-grade English teacher used to do to kids.

  2. Yep, Beva and Strawberry have perches in the hallway.