Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The flight out of LA left on time and our expected flight time is five hours and twenty minutes (I started writing this while in flight.) Thus far the flight has been pretty smooth. Though shortly after leaving LA I realized that I don't remember what time my flight leaves from Honolulu to Hilo. I think it is about an hour and a half layover so I should have time to check my email and look into this as I have to check in for that flight yet.

My one complaint so far is that they did not offer a free meal on the flight. I had to spend three bucks for a tube of Lays potato chips. Amazingly enough they do give you the entire can of soda for free! So between finding my flight and checking in for it I will probably try to find some food.

Made it to Honolulu fine! Managed to get a Burger King veggie burger and fries to complemet the lunch of poptato chips. Good stuff.

Checkin for my Hilo flight was easy enough, but the signs pointing me to the correct terminal were a tad confusing and the tram does not tell you where you are. Luckily I swallowed my pride and just asked. I'm now waiting at the gate and will leave in about 45 minutes. Talk more then. Aloha!

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  1. That wikiwiki tram scares me. I always give up and walk!

  2. Now what are you doing? Your paperwork is already starting to pile up! Do they have paperwork where you are? Billy