Thursday, December 17, 2009


I made it to Hilo! I was even feeling a little perky as I got offthe plane and started walking down the open air terminal of the Hilo airport. This feeling did not last long. After a short walk about Coconut Island the day caught up with me. We had dinner at Ken's Pancake House where I proceeded to pretty much crash. After that we called it an evening ad headed to the house. I think I made it to nearly 8:30 local time before crashing. Morning came early though as I am still on Texas time and could not really sleep past 4:30. So a little before 7 I grabbed my running shoes and went for a 55 minute run down Onomea Bay Scenic Loop. It was a pretty fantastic route to run. I crossed several one lane bridges that went over streams that were cascading their way to the Pacific. Between the dense foliage you would get glimpses of waterfalls and the ocean. (I'll try to post pictures later.)

One thing that was strange to me was that as I was getting off if the plane in Hilo I almost had the feeling of coming home. Perhaps home is not the right word, but it felt comfortable and welcoming; even though I have only been here once before. Last summer I had a total sense if awe and was nearly overwhelmed by all that I saw. It is still just as awe inspiriping as before, but just feels more like an old friend this time around. (There was your sappy moment of the day.)

We are off to explore the Puna Coast this afternoon.

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