Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm a hypocrite!

This post is primarily a confessional. Between work and life (read laziness) it has been quite sometime since my last entry. I will try to be a little better about this in the future as this is a blog that I am truly interested in cultivated and seeing grow; you know, t-shirts and groups. :)

One confession down, one to go. I must admit that I became one of the non-friendly, unwaving folks on the hike and bike trail a couple of weeks ago. I was down there to do a three mile time trial for a running class that I am in. During the three miles, I was so intent on posting the best time that I could that I merely responded to the other folks on the trail as objects to be navigated. Here is the part where I would normally give justifications for my failing to wave and be friendly, but no. I started this blog to try to get people to be different than that, and I completely failed to follow my own advice. So all I can do is promise to try to do better in the future.

OK, time to head outta here for now. Check back frequently as I promise to better on this. Cheers! -Tanner

PS I'll try to add some photos and other formatting stuff soon.

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