Monday, November 9, 2009

Iron Star Half Iron Tri Recap

Woohoo! The half ironman is done! Not only did I complete my first half ironman distance tri yesterday, I also ran my first half marathon! Yesterday I, and several of my Rogue training buddies, completed the Iron Star Triathlon out in Montgomery, TX on Lake Conroe. Everyone did a great job! Jacque (5:59:11), Nyleva (6:34:37), Jimmy (6:39:28), James (5:28:03 and 3rd in his age group!), Claire (6:56:47), and I (5:59:32) all swam, biked and ran through the piney woods of east Texas yesterday and all finished strong. It was a pretty good showing for the Rogues I would say. My goal was to break 6 hours so I was quite happy with my 28 second buffer that I left myself.

Luckily my cousin and her husband live in Houston, only an hour away so Claire and I were able to stay with them this weekend to avoid paying for a hotel and not have to drive all the way back to Austin yesterday. Today we are both quite sore and moving pretty slow which is OK since neither of us have be at work today or even on the road home at any particular time. On top of the soreness, we are both ravenous. Luckily we both like to eat a lot anyway so this is being put down in the "perk" category.

Speaking of food, I think lunch is calling. I will post a more detailed race report this week along with some pictures hopefully. Thanks to everyone for all of the support leading up to this. It has really helped! In the meantime, run friendly! -T

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